Energy Consulting Services

Advances in technology have dramatically cut the cost of energy efficiency and renewable energy. Many of these technologies make sense in existing buildings as well as new construction. Energy Solutions will guide you to the best opportunities for a home or business.

New Construction

The overall difference between common practice and high performance new buildings can be a 50-75% reduction in energy use. On the extreme end is the Passivhaus standard, which achieves ~80% energy savings compared to normal US residential building code. The benefits of advanced energy performance are highlighted in green building standards such as LEED.

Financing can make energy decisions about positive cash flow rather than simple payback. Highly efficient construction can often save money from the first day of occupancy.

Indoor air quality is important. Good green building practice uses low-emitting, nonpolluting or natural materials, including insulation, and passive/active ventilation systems. Mold problem conditions can also largely be avoided with highly energy efficient construction. We also help clients avoid common mistakes and identify misleading product performance claims.

For new construction, Energy Solutions offers the following standard service:

  • Insulation options and recommendations, including specific contractors where applicable
  • Framing improvements
  • Air quality assurance: Materials to avoid and Optimum fresh air (ventilation) methods for a given building
  • Solar hot water, heat and power options, including building integration
  • Best windows and doors for different orientations and uses
  • Water efficient plumbing, greywater systems if applicable
  • Wastewater heat-recovery recommendations
  • Tax credits and available utility incentives

Energy consultation typically includes plan review, a session with the design team and building owner, recommendations for the building, and help with follow-up questions over the course of the job. Additional energy services such as computer modeling, advanced solar design, and commercial building analysis are also available.

Energy Audits for Existing Buildings

Existing buildings offer a superb opportunity - saving energy offers great returns on investment, along with better comfort and lowered carbon emissions. Additions or major renovations can be treated much like new construction, with high levels of efficiency possible. For buildings not undergoing construction, an energy audit will identify the best energy conservation measures.

Energy Audit results may cover:

  • Heating Systems
  • Insulation products and recommended installers
  • Air sealing and leakage testing contractors
  • Solutions for areas difficult to heat or cool
  • Windows, including replacement alternatives
  • Solar or wind energy systems
  • Tax credits and available utility incentives

Energy audits are tailored to a specific building. Houses generally take 2-3 hours depending on age and complexity, commercial buildings somewhat longer. You receive a report with recommendations, identifying potential problem areas (e.g. insulating wet basements) and suggesting the best technologies for saving energy in the building.

Energy Solutions has over 20 years experience working with buildings in both the US and Europe. We also have specialized training and expertise in energy conservation for National Historic Register listed buildings. All of this experience is brought to every building.







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