From homeowners to large developers, we help clients of all sizes realize their energy goals.

Selected clients

Acanthus Architects (UK)
Barba + Wheelock
Bayside Bowl
Brazilian Cultural Center
Chewonki Foundation
Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Earth Center (UK)
Eden Project (UK)
Energyworks LLC
Filament Gallery
Greg Day AIA
Green Tree Realty
Harbin Hot Springs
Island Institute
Karuno Solar (Spain)
Laudholm Trust
Maine State Housing Authority
Moment Factory (Canada)
NTL Institute
Ocean Properties
Osho Leela Center
Rising Tide Coop
The Green Store ,
Shambala Mountain Center
United States Department of Energy
University of Vermont

Typical Projects

Hathaway Creative Center - Mill Building Renovation
Replacement Window Technology Upgrade Recommendations

Maine State Housing Authority
Development of Green Building Energy Guidelines

US Department of Energy
Advanced Commercial Solar Products Overview and Assessment

Colorado Housing and Finance Authority
Report on Innovative Energy Financing for Affordable Housing

Eden Project (Cornwall, UK)
Biodiesel Comprehensive Environmental Review






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